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successors are chosen. The election to take place on or as soon as possible after Spring Day, the first Sun of the Awakening Moon (1st March).

(Whenever in doubt we try to follow the National Constitution.)

Vow of The Head Chief

(To be signed with his name and totem in the Tally-book)

I solemnly promise to maintain the Laws, to see fair play in all the doings of the Tribe, and to protect the weak.

Vow of each Brave on joining

(To be signed with the name and totem of each in the Tally-book)

I solemnly promise that I will obey the Chief and Council of my Tribe, and if I fail in my duty I will appear before the Council when ordered and submit without murmuring to their decision.

Article VI


Section I. Amendments to this Constitution may be made at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of all the Tribe.

Section II. Notice of proposed amendments shall be made public for at least seven suns before the meeting.

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