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or eggs, or to molest squirrels. (This does not apply to creatures declared vermin by law.)

4. Don't make a dirty camp. Keep the woods and streams clean by burying all garbage.

5. Don't bring firearms of any kind into the camps of those under fourteen. Bows and arrows are enough for their needs. Never point a weapon at any one.

6. Keep the game laws.

7. No smoking (for those under eighteen).

8. No firewater in camp.

9. Play fair. Cheating in the games or records, or wearing honors not conferred by the Council, are crimes.

10. Word of honor is sacred.

Punishments are meted out by the Chief and Council after a hearing of the case. They consist of, —

Exclusion from the games or boats for a time.

Of reduction in rank or of fines.

The extreme penalty is banishment from the Tribe.


The Head Chief, or the Herald he may appoint, walks around with the standard announcing that a Council is to be held, and all must come to Council.

Opening Council.


Tally of last Council and Report of Tally Chief.

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