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Wampum Chief. He has charge of the money and public property of the Tribe, except the records. He ought to have a lock box or small trunk to keep valuables in.

Chief of the Painted Robe, or Feather Tally. He keeps the tribal records, including the Book of Laws, the Roster or Roll, the Winter Count or Record of Camps and Seasons, and the Feather Tally or Record of Honors and Exploits. He enters nothing except on instructions from the Council. He should be an artist.

Chief of the Council-Fire. It is his exclusive privilege to make fire. He must do it without matches. He must also see that the camp and woods are kept clean.

Sometimes one Councillor or Chief holds more than one of these last three offices; especially it is well to have the Head Chief also Chief of the Council Fire.

One or even two Medicine-men may be voted into the Council without regard to age, attainments, or position.

Add to these not more than twelve elected Councillors, and all the Sachems or Sagamores. (See p. 46.) These officers and Councillors form the governing body.

All disputes, etc., are settled by the Chief and the Council. The Council makes the laws and fixes the dues. The Chief enforces the laws.

All officers are elected for one year or until their ..text continues