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Section V. A member may vote at any Council of the Tribe by proxy in his own handwriting.

Article V

The Officers and Their Dulles

Head War Chief. He should be strong as well as popular, because his duties are to lead and to enforce the laws. He is head of the Council and of the Tribe and also Herald or Crier.

He has charge of the standard of the Tribe. This is a staff about eight feet long, painted red and ornamented with any of the designs shown in the illustrations, the drawing on the shield being always the totem of the Tribe. The small shield on top is white with blue horns. This standard is carried around when a proclamation is being made. If the Chief deputes another to be Herald, he also gives him the standard to carry as a badge of authority.

When not thus in use it is stuck in the ground near the Chief's teepee or place in Council, or perhaps hung on the totem pole.

Second War Chief. To take the Head Chief's place when he is absent; otherwise he is merely a Councillor.

Third War Chief. For leader when the other two are away.

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