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publicly posted for not less than seven suns. A ballot of the Tribe shall thereupon be taken and two blackballs shall exclude.

Article IV


Section I. A monthly Council of the Tribe shall be held on the first Monday of each Moon.

Section II. The Annual Council for the election of officers shall be held on the first sun of the Awakening Moon (March).[1]

Section III. Special Councils may be called by the Chief, and must be called by him upon the written request of one fourth of the Council or one third of the Tribe.

Section IV. A majority shall be a quorum of the Council or Tribe.

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  1. March First, Awakening, or Crow Moon (blue).
    April Wild-goose or Green-grass Moon (green).
    May Song Moon (purple).
    June Rose Moon (rose).
    July Thunder Moon (copper).
    August Red or Green-corn Moon (red).
    September Hunting Moon (yellow).
    October Leaf-falling Moon (fiery).
    November Mad Moon (smoky).
    December Long-night Moon (black).
    January Snow Moon (white).
    February Hunger Moon or Wan Moon (pale or ashy),