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Tato stránka byla zkontrolována

The Birch-Bark Roll


Article I


This organization shall be known as the[1]

Tribe of Woodcraft(or Seton Indians as many have preferred to call themselves).

Article II


The objects of this organization are the promotion of interests in Out-of-Door Life and Woodcraft, the preservation of Wild Life and Landscape, and the promotion of Good Fellowship among its members.

Article III


Section I. Persons eligible for membership must be over years of age (18 is usual for a grown-up tribe, 8 for a boy tribe, but some tribes take all ages).

Section II. The membership shall be limited to .

Section III. Application for membership must be made in writing through one of the Council. The name of such applicant shall then be proposed and seconded by members in good standing, and shall be ..text continues

  1. It is usual to select an Indian name of local application.