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to character building, for manhood not scholarship is the first aim of education.

And we would make the outdoor the real life, the indoor the incident, reversing the present way.

We do not, however, disband when the camping season is over. As will be seen, ample provision is made in the games and honors for continuing the organization the whole year round. Most of the Tribes find abundant amusement throughout the winter in preparing their weapons, dress, teepees, ornaments, and songs for the summer camp.

By leading the young people along these lines we shall be helping the whole nation on the road to health.


First get the young people together, any number from ten up — fifteen to fifty are best for a beginning — and with them at least one experienced grown-up person, who will act as Medicine-man in the Council, and as teacher when needed.

Outfit for Small Tribe

Birch-bark Roll, or Book of Laws.
Blank book for tally.
Teepees or tents enough to house the Tribe.

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