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on a convenint lacing-pin. Drive a stout stake inside the teepee, tie the anchor rope to this and the teepee is ready for weather. In the centre dig a hole 18 inches wide and 6 inches deep for the fire.

The fire is the great advantage of the teepee, and the smoke the great disadvantage, but experience will show how to manage this. Keep the smoke-vent swung down wind, or at least quartering down. Sometimes you must leave the door a little open or raise the bottom of the teepee cover a little on the windward side. If this makes too much draft on your back stretch a piece of canvas between two or three of the poles inside the teepee, in front of the opening made and reaching to the ground. This is a lining or dew-cloth. The draft will go up behind this.

By these tricks you can make the vent draw the smoke. But after all, the main thing is to use only the best and dryest of wood. This makes a clear fire. There will always be more or less smoke 7 or 8 feet up, but it worries no one there and it keeps the mosquitoes away. When these pests were very bad I used sometimes to "smudge" my teepee — that is, throw an armful of green leaves or grass on the fire and then run out, close the door and smoke-vent tight, and wait an hour before reentering. These dense smoke would kill or drive out all the mosquitoes in the tent, and the rest of the night there was enough ..text continues