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and all of them were from real teepees. Scalp-locks were also used, although horsetails are more often seen now.

When I used to "Play Injun" each of us wore on his head, or at least carried, a tuft of black horsehair which was called a scalp, a.nd when the wearer lost any important competition he gave up his scalp-lock to the winner, who usually thought it looked very well hanging from some part of his teepee. Fortunately after a time of disgrace our Council could always give the loser a new tuft of horsehair.

This is how the Indian test is put up: Tie three poles together at a point about 2 feet higher than the canvas, spread them out in a tripod the right distance apart, then lay the other poles (except three, including the two slender ones) in the angles, their lower ends forming the proper circle. Bind them all where they cross with a rope, letting its end hang down inside for an anchor. Now fasten the two ropes at A to the stout pole left over at a point 10 feet up. Raise this into its place and the teepee cover with it, opposite where the door is to be. Carry the two wings of the tent around till they overlap and fasten together with the lacing-pins. Put the end of a vent-pole in each of the vent-flap pockets, outside of the teepee. Peg down the edges of the canvas at each loop if a storm is coming, otherwise a few will do. Hang the door ..text continues