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teepee are made and it appears as in Cut Ill. But no real Indian wouldd live in a teepee which was not decorated in some way and it is well to begin the adorning while the cover is flat on the ground. From the centre A at 7 feet distance draw a circle; draw another at 6 1/2 feet, another at 3 feet and another at 2 1/2 feet (Cut IV). Make the lines any color you like, put a row of spots or zigzags in each of the 6 inch bands; then on the side) midway between A and C, draw a I·foot circle.

In the old days every Indian had a "coat-of-arms" or "totem" and this properly appeared all his tent. This little circle is a good place to paint your totem. The spaces at each cicle can be covered with figures showing the owner's adventures; using flat colors with black outlines, but without shading. Oil colors rubbed on with a stiff brush and little oil are nearest to the old Indian style.

The pictures are usually about the middle of the wall. because when high they get smoked, and when low they get dirty.

In addition to being painted the teepee is usually decorated with Eagle feathers, tufts of horsehair, headwork, etc. In Cut IV the owner's crest, a "Blue Buffalo," is shown in the small circle, and from that are three tufts for tails. On the teepees on pages 13 and I4 are shown many different styles of decoration ..text continues