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It appears in the illustration on page 13, and the working plan of it, laid flat on the ground, is shown in Cut I. This is a 20-foot teepee and is large enough for ten boys to line in. A large one is easier to keep clear of smoke, but most boys will prefer a smaller one, as it is much handeier, cheaper and easier to make. I shall therefore give the working plan of a 10-foot teepee of the simplest form — the raw material of which can be bought new for less than $4.00. This is big enough for three, or perhaps four, boys.

It requires 22 square yards of 6- or 8-ounce duck, heavy unbleached muslin or Canton flannel (the wider the betterm as that saves labor in making up), which costs about $3.00; 100 feet of 3-16-inch clothesline, 25 cents; string for sewing rope ends, etc., 5 cents.

Of course one can often pick up second-hand materials that are quite good and cost next to nothing. An old wagon cover, or two or three old sheets, will make the teepee, and even if they are patched it is all ..text continues