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especially as a model for our boys, but I found that no easy matter. I could not go among the Red-folk and order it as in a department store.

The making of a teepee was serious business, to be approached in a serious manner. Only an experienced old squaw could do it, and she must deram and think, for perhaps weeks, first; then having worked out a plan in her mind she must call in a dozen of her neighbors to make a "bee" and carry out her exact plan. Any change is "bad medicine" — that is, "unlucky." I waited a year and the tent-making spirit kept away ; none of the squaws felt moved to build a teepee, and I was in a quandary.

One of the Chiefs suggested that if I waited another year I might get one. When the Buffalo came back I should be sure of it.

At length I solved teh difficulty by buying one ready made from Thunder Bull, a Chief of the Cheyennes.

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