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right, the Indian teepees are often mended where bullets and arrows went through them. Scraps of rope, if not rotted, will work in well enough.

Suppose you have new material to deal with. Get it machine-run together, 20 feet long and 10 feet wide. Lay this down perfectly flat (Cut II). On a peg or nail at A in the middle of the long side put a 10-foot cord loosely, and then with a burnt stick in a loop at the other end draw the half-circle B C D. Now mark out the two little triangles at A. A E is 6 inches, A F and E F each one foot ; the other triangle, A R G, is the same size. Cut the canvas along these dotted lines. From the scraps left over cut two pieces for smoke-flaps, as shown. On the long corner of each (H in No. 1, I in No. 2) a small three-cornered piece is sewed, to make a pocket for the end of the pole.

Now sew the smoke-flaps to the cover so that M L of No. 1 is fitted to P E, and N O of No. 2 to Q G.

Two inches from the edge B P make a double row of holes ; each hole is 1 1/2 inches from its mate, and each pair is 5 inches from the next pair, except at the 2-foot space marked "door," where no holes are needed.

The holes on the other side, Q D, must exactly fit on these.

At A fasten very strongly a 4-foot rope by the middle. Fasten the end of a 10-foot cord to J and ..text continues