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Fable and Woodmyth (Cont’d.). As above. Jan., pp. 346–51, Feb., pp. 496–500; Mar., pp. 750–6, with many illus. by the author. Republished in book form under title “Woodmyth and Fable”, 1905.

The Red Book; or, How to Play Indian; directions for organizing a tribe of Boy Indians, making their teepees, etc., in true Indian style, New York, 1904. 31pp., 9 illus. by the author. Treats of laws, teepees, exploits, and coups of the Woodcraft Indians. Previously published under the title “How to Play Indian”, 1903. (See above.) Now referred to as the Third Birch Bark Roll.

Monarch, the Grizzly. Part I. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XXI, Phila., Feb., 1904, pp. 5–6 and 47 with 3 illus. by the author. Part II, Mar., pp. 13–14 with 2 illus. by the author. Part III, same, April, pp. 15, 16 and 60 with 2 drawings by the author. Republished in book form same year.

Stories on the Tree Trunks. How to understand the records of wild life made by tooth and claw. Why the quaking aspen preserves a perfect history. Country Life, Vol. VI, May, pp. 37, 38, 39 and 90; with 23 photos mostly by the author. 2000 words.

How to Make a Fire with Rubbing Sticks. Country Life, Vol. VI, June, pp. 145–6 with 8 illus.; about 1500 words.

Little Warhorse. The Story of a Jack-rabbit. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XXI, June, pp. 13–14 with 2 illus. by the author. Republished in “Animal Heroes”, 1905.

The Master Plowman of the West. Century Mag., Vol. LXVIII, June. A study of Thomomys, the pocket gopher and its work; pp. 300–307 with 8 illus. by the author. New York. Republished in “Life Histories”, 1909.

How to Stuff a Bird. Country Life, Vol. VI, July, pp. 267 and 268 with 5 illus.; about 3500 words.

The Slum Cat. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XXI, August, pp. 9–10 with 2 illus. by the author. The story of a pussy with a past. Her nine lives recorded. Republished in “Animal Heroes”, 1905.

What to Do when Lost in the Woods. Country Life, Vol. VI, Aug., pp. 358–359 with 2 photos by A. R. Dugmore and 1 illus. by author.

Emergency Foods in the Northern Forest. Lichens and trees that may save the life of a hunter or explorer. An important lesson in Woodcraft. Country Life, Vol. VI, Sept., pp. 438–440 with 7 photos and 1 illus. by the author.

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