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…Indians.”) Tells what to do when lost in the woods; with one of the author’s adventures. 2 illus. by the author.

— Part VII. Freezing. As above. Nov., p. 15. Describes the “freezing” of animals to escape observation. 3 illus. by the author and 1 photo. These 7 articles together constitute the 1st Birch Bark Roll of Woodcraft.

On Journal Keeping. Bird Lore, Vol. IV, Nov., and Dec., pp. 175–176 with frontispiece photo of author.

The Winnipeg Wolf. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XX, Dec., pp. 11–12 with 2 illus. by the author. The story of a wolf and a boy. Republished in “Animal Heroes”, 1905.


Two Little Savages; the story of two boys who lived as Indians do. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XX, Jan., pp. 11–12; Feb., p. 112, Mar., pp. 13–14; Apr., pp. 11–12, May, pp. 11–12; June, pp. 11–12; July, pp. 11–12; Aug., pp. 15–16, 32. The chapters as given here are the somewhat condensed form of the volume of the same name below.

Two Little Savages; being the adventures of two boys who lived as Indians do and what they learned. With over two hundred drawings by the author. New York, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1903, 19–552 pp. incl. 29pl. Marginal illustrations. Title in green and black. This story, which is largely autobiographical, was intended to give the lessons of Woodcraft in story form. Published serially in Ladies’ Home Journal, Jan. — Aug., 1903. (See above.)

How to Play Indian. Directions for organizing a tribe of Boy Indians and making their teepees in true Indian style. Curtis Pub. Co., Phila., 32 pp. with 14 illus. by the author. This is referred to as the Second Birch Bark Roll of Woodcraft.

More Wild Animals I Have Known. The Boy and the Lynx. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XX, Nov., pp. 13–14 with 3 illus. by the author. An animal story of about 3000 words, republished in “Animal Heroes,” 1905.

Snap, The Bull Terrier. The story of a Christmas Dog. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XXI, Phila., Dec., pp. 10 and 49. About 5000 words with 1 illus. by the author. Republished in “Animal Heroes,”’ 1905.

Road to Fairyland. St. Nicholas, Vol. XXXI, Dec., p. 103 (poem).

Fable and Woodmyth. Century Mag., Vol. LXVII, Nov., pp. 35–9; Dec., pp. 276–9.

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