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General Scouting Outdoors

as in F, with a long nail or strong wire through all the holes; then, with a cord, lash them together, spacing them by- putting the cord between. Sharpen the points of the teeth, and your rake is ready. CAMP BROOM There are two ways of making a camp broom. First, the twig broom. This is easily made as follows : Cut a handle an inch thick, and shape it to a shoulder, as in ^ 5 C. Lash on birch or other fine twigs, one layer at a time, until sufficiently thick, as D E. Now at F. put a final lashing of cord. This draws the broom together, and binds it firmly to the handle. Trim the ends even with the axe, and it is ready for use. The other style is the backwoods broom. This was usually made of blue-beech or hickory. A 4-foot piece of a 4-inch green trunk is best. Shavings 18 inches long are