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222 The Book of Woodcraft above. When the rug is all finished except the top inch or more, draw out the rod {H H) and fill the warp to the top. Finally cut and draw out the spiral cords on each yarn-beam. This frees the rug, which is finished, excepting for trim and binding, when such are de- sired. Those who want full details of the best Navaho looms and methods will find them in Dr. Washington Matthew's article on Navaho Weavers, 3d Annual Report, Bur. of Ethnology, 1881-2. Washington 1884. CAMP RAKE A camp rake is made of forked branches of oak, beech, hickory, or other hard wood, thus: Cut a handle an inch thick {B C) and 4 feet long, of the shape shown. Flatten it on each side of A, and make a gimlet-hole through. Now cut ten branches of the shape Z)£,each about 20 inches long. Flatten them at the E end, and make a gimlet-hole through each. Fasten all together, 5 on each side of the handle,