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224 The Book of Woodcraft cut down, left attached at /, and bent back over the end until there is a bunch of them thick enough; when they are bound together with a cord and appear as in K. Now thin down the rest of the handle L M, and the broom needs only a little drying out to be finished. BUILDING A BOAT Most camp sites are selected with a view to boating; certainly no camp is complete without it. Winter is a good time to build a boat, if you have a workshop big enough to hold it. The simplest kind of a craft is the best to start with. Get two boards, smooth and with as few knots as possible, IS in. wide, and 15 ft. long; about 50 sq. ft. of tongue and groove flooring; a piece of 2 x 6 in. scantHng, 15 in. long; and plenty of 3-in. nails. Begin by beveling the stern post to an edge (a). Set