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HO The Book of Woodcraft

  • 5. Map correctly from the country itself the main

features of half a mile of road, with 440 yards each side toa scale of 2 feet to the mile, and afterward draw same map from memory.

  • 6. Measure the height of a tree, telegraph pole, and

church steeple without chmbing, . Measure width of a river without crossing. . Estimate distance apart of two objects a known distance away and unapproachable, within an average of 10 per cent, of error in 10 different trials. . Can measure a gradient. . Can estimate the speed of a stream.

1 . Can tell the nimiber of gallons of water going over a 

fall or down a stream. . Can estimate the horsepower of a given fall. . Teach the last seven to some one else. (The Little Lodge may take three of the first six and three of the second — that is, six in all.) WISE WOODMAN (Nibwaka-mnini) The Degree of Wise Woodman may be conferred on those who take 12 of these tests:

  • i. Have a list of 100 different kinds of birds person-

ally observed on exploration in the field. (50 for L. L.) . Have identified beyond question, by appearance or by note, 45 different kinds of birds in one day. (25 for L. L.) . Have made a good clear photograph of some wild bird, the bird image to be over J inch in length on the nega- tive. (Any size image for L. L.) . Have secured at least two tenants in bird boxes erected by himself, (i for L. L.)