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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 139 . Understand the fireman's lift and drag. . How to work in fumes. TO. Understand the use of fire-extinguishers.

1 . How to rescue animals. 

. How to save property. . How to organize a bucket brigade. . How to aid the police in keeping back crowds. . How to ride a wheel.

  • i;6. Repair a puncture.
  • i7. Walk 4 miles in one hour.

18, Know the signs: A FP8 cX^---^x = ll -L o > < A L n •/ /.-> ^ ? o Aleaning respectively: Official mark, fire-plug 8 feet out, please remove dust, add, subtract, divide, multiply, equals, parallel, plumb, circle, more than, less than, triangle, right-angle, square, because, therefore, this direction, male, female young. WHITE man's WOODCRATT {Dibaakid) The Degree of White Woodcraftsman may be conferred on those who take 9 of the following tests: I. Take, develop, and print photographs of 1 2 separate subjects, 3 interiors, 3 portraits, 3 landscapes, and 3 in- stantaneous "action photos."

  • 2. Make a recognizable photograph of any wild bird

larger than a robin, while on its nest.

  • 3. Make a recognizable photograph of a wild animal in

its native haunts. . Make a recognizable photograph of a fish in the water.