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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 129 GLEEMAN OR CAMP CONJURER (Nagamed) The Degree of Gleeman is conferred on those who take 8 of these tests:

  • i. Can open and lead the Council.
  • 2. Light the Sacred Fire with rubbing-sticks.
  • 3. Ejiow the Peace Pipe Ceremony.

4. Know the ceremony of giving names.

  • 5. Can sing many songs, including the Mudji-mukasin,

Omaha, Zonzimondi, Bark Canoe, alone or as a leader, . Can dance the Caribou dance, the Scalp dance, the Snake dance. . Can teU many stories. . And know the art of "making medicine," which is the making of goodfellowship by seeking out talent, select- ing and leading it and stopping without offending those who are not helpful. . Know how to conduct in initiations and have the wisdom to stop them in decent season. . As well as to sing the Good-night song when good- night time has come.

  • ii. Have camped out 30 nights.

. Teach some one else to run the Council. . Teach a dance to a sviffident nimiber to give it- HERALD OR CRIER (Bibaged) The Degree of Herald is conferred on those who take 10 of these tests: . Can walk i mile in 11 min. (15 for L. L.) . " " 30 " "12 hrs. (Not open to L. L.)