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128 The Book of Wooc!craft i8. Can tell, for a given piece of farm land, whether it is best suited for use as a farm or forest, and why. . Can point out examples of erosion, and tell how to stop it. . Can estimate closely how much timber and how much cordwood is in a given acre of woods. . Name 6 trees that will float when green, and 6 that will not.

  • 22. Know something of the relation of birds and quad-

rupeds to forest trees. . Can fell a 6-inch tree in 60 seconds, driving with it a given stake. (2 min., and to fall within 2 feet of a stake, for L.L.) . Have made 100 trees grow where none grew here- tofore. (25 for L. L.) . Have camped in the woods for 30 nights. . Have taught a class the rudiments in forestry. FRONTIER SCOUT {Gimdb ) The Degree of Frontier Scout may be conferred on those who take 8 out of these tests:

  • i. Milk a cow.
  • 2. Interpret from any language into English.

. Fell a tree in a given place. . Weld an iron. . Temper a knife. . Solder a tin. . Shoot to win honors with a rifle. . Tie 6 kinds of knots. . Make a thread lashing. 10. Use an axe correctly.