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Class I. Red Honors — Heroism

Honors are allowed for saving a human life at risk of one's own; it is a coup or a grand coup, at the discretion of the Council.

A soldier's war medals count for a grand coup each.

Courage. (The measure of courage has not yet been discovered.)


To ride a horse 1 mile in 3 minutes, clearing a 4-foot hurdle and an 8-foot water jump, counts honor; to do it in 2 minutes, clearing a 5-foot hurdle and a 12-foot water jump, high honor.

Trick-riding. To pick up one's hat from the ground while at full gallop on a horse of not less than 13 hands, counts honor.

To do it 3 times without failure, from each side, with horse of at least 15 hands, counts high honor.


(Advisers — J. E. Sullivan, secretary of Amateur Athletic Union; Dr. Luther H. Gulick of Russell Sage Foundation, New York.)

Those under 10 are children; those over 10 and under 16 are boys; those over 16 and under 18 are lads; those over 18 are men.

Girls take the standards according to their ages up to 18, but for athletics are never over that. No matter what their age, thenceforth they continue in the "lad class", and in filing the claim need only mention their class.

Men over 70 return to the lad class.

The records are given according to Spalding's Almanac, where will be found the names of those who made them, with date and place.

A dash ( — ) means "not open."