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Tato stránka nebyla zkontrolována

coup. (Somersault: Stand erect, turn in air, and finish standing; nothing but the feet touch the ground.) I

Tread a barrel, for 100 yards, forward or backward, for coup. Tread forward 100 yards, then tread backward to starting point, for grand coup. (Treading barrel: Lay barrel on its side, stand on it and go through walking movement, moving the barrel in direction required with— out falling off.) I


Cut (and split if need be) sufficient rails to enclose an adequate horse corral 60 feet across. Build the corral. Either for coup; both for grand coup. I

Chop down three six-inch trees in succession in 60 sec- onds each, throwing them to drive each a given stake, for coup. In 45 seconds each, for grand coup. I

In accordance with forestry laws, fell a dead tree in the forest, of at least one foot diameter, and cut same into fire wood of approved lengths, for coup. Six such trees, and cut up into fire wood, for grand coup. I


Ride 40 miles on bicycle every week for four weeks, riding at least three days each week, for coup. Ride 70 miles every week for four weeks, riding at least five days each week, for grand coup. I

Ride bicycle on a 15-mile trip once a week for 20 suc- cessive weeks, for coup. For 40 successive weeks, for grand coup. I


All of the following dances must be presented on some public occasion; and all except the European folk dances, must be of not less than 2 minutes' duration:

Dance correctly 10 European folk dances, for coup. In addition, dance the Virginia Reel, and barn dance; also teach all of these to at least one other person, so it is cor- rectly performed, for grand coup. I-IV

Act as a leader in 8 different dances, and teach a class 64