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Tato stránka byla zkontrolována

timidity; one small boy whose tears were ever ready to flow was named " Rain-in- the-Face " ; a fellow without any grit was called the "Quitter," and an awkward brave who upset the canoe several times was called " Tippecanoe. " But they can get rid of them as soon as they do something highly creditable.

Naming the Brave. When the Council decides that a bad name or annoying nickname is to be dropped, the Chief or Medicine Man writes it on a piece of wood or bark. Then, making a speech explaining the circumstances, he burns the bark in the Council Fire, announcing that that name be forgotten. No one must mention it again under pain of punishment.

Then the brave is given his new name of honor; the Chief makes a speech as before, telling of the exploit and announcing the name. It is written down in the Tally; then each Chief and Councilor comes forward, shakes hands with the brave, sa3H[ng "Bo-jou, Nichy" — followed by the new name.

Indian Names That Have Been Won by Scouts.

Asarule, the idea — "wonderful," "great," "admirable," or "above others" — is understood, else the name would not have been given.

Anoki — Actor. Apenimon — Trusty. Apenindis — Self-reliant. Ay-no-keetch — Hunter. Bebe-ji — Wild Horse. Bebe-mak — Dark Horse. Beedajim — (He) brings the news. Beejee-gash — Leaping Panther. Bemossed — Walker. Biminak — Slick Roper. Bisanabi — The SilentOne. Bissanajib — Rock-splitter, or crusher. Bodaway — (He) makes fire. Chissakid — Juggler. Eesta-nax — Jack-rabbit. Eet-su-moot-si — Brave all alone. En-do-ban-iih — Scout. Etut-botsots — Strong alone. Gash-wan — High Hop. Gibodeg — Little Breeches. Giganini — Man-fish. Gimab — Spy. Gimo-gash — Silent power. Gitch-amik — Mighty beaver, Gitchi-saka — Big Stick.