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… endure only in the hearts and memories of the people who love them.

In the Woodcraft Camp there is but one sandpainting that is much used; that is, the Sandpainting of the Four‑fold Fire. When I make it in camp, I use only white sand or powdered lime; but indoors, or on paper, I use yellow (or orange) and white.

This is the story of the sandpainting. The fire is the symbol of the Great Spirit; around that we draw a great circle, as in the diagram.

At each of the four sides we light another fire; these four are called Fortitude, Beauty, Truth, and Love, and come from the Fire through Spirit, Body, Mind, and Service.

Then from each of these we draw three golden rays. These stand for the twelve laws of Woodcraft, and they are named in this way:

Be Brave, Be Silent and Obey;
Be Clean, Be Strong, Protect Wild Life alway;
Speak True, Be Reverent, Play Fair as you Strive!
Be Kind; Be Helpful; Glad you are alive.

And the final painting is as in the drawing. Of course the names are not written on the real thing though the Woodcraft scout should know them.

TALE 106

The Woodcraft Kalendar

The Woodcraft Kalendar is founded on the Indian way of noting the months. Our own ancestors called them “Moons” much as the Indians did. Our word “month” was once written “moneth” or “monath” which meant a "moon or moon's time of lasting." The usual names for the moons to‑day are Latin, but we find we get closer to nature ..text continues