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to run them came up. There were several aspirants, but old Sims led the meeting, expressing the majority and crushing the minority in a brief but satisfactory speech:

“Fust of all, boys, I ’m opposed to this yer centerin’ of everything in one place. Now that ’s jest what hez been the rooin of England; that is why London ain’t never amounted to nothin’ — everything at London. London is England; England is London. If London ’s took, England ’s took, says I, an’ that hez been her rooin.

“The idee of House o’ Lords an’ House o’ Commons in the same town! It ain’t fair, I tell ye; it ’s a hog trick. Why did n’t they give some little place a chance instead o’ buildin’ up a blastin’ monopoly like that? Same thing hez ..text continues