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33 TRAILBLAZER DEGREE The degree of Trail Blazer is conferred on those who have claimed the rank of Chieftain in the Little Lodge and who have passed twenty-four of the following thirty tests. This degree can be worn on the Big Lodge Honor Baud. When you have earned your fourth rank and want to begin work on the Trail Blazer degree, you may secure a claim form from Woodcraft Rangers Headquarters. 1. Make and decorate a pair of moccasins (not out of kit). 2. Make and decorate an Indian headdress of at least twenty-four feathers. 4. Make and decorate a cow horn that will blow or a tinder horn. 5. Make at least six fires by flint and steel, gathering all materials. 6. Swim 75 yards using at least two different strokes. 7. Hike twelve miles on an overnight camp carrying all equipment — food, utensils, etc. 8. Tie six different kinds of knots quickly. 9. Know the Big Lodge Woodcraft Ranger laws. 10. Know and point out at least six star groups. 11. Know the Sioux and Zuni calls to council, salutation to the laws, Omaha Tribal Prayer and the English closing ceremony. 12. Attend at least three overnight trips with your Tribe or District and attend at least one summer camp session at a Woodceraft Rangers camp. 13. Climb at least three mountains over 5,000 feet high, hiking at least ten miles on each round trip.