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14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 23. 24. 26. 21. 28. 29. 30. 34 Know and describe twelve native forest trees and mount leaf or print of each tree. Know and describe thirty wild Howers. Know and describe twenty wild birds that you have seen in the field. Know and describe fifteen rocks or minerals. Make a bow and two arrows that will shoot 105 yards. Płan and cook at least five meals including at least one breakfast, dinner, and supper. One meal only to be from cans. Know the U. S. Forest Service regulations governing use of camp grounds in your region. Know and describe at least five each of reptiles, wild mammals, and insects. . Take part in a school, church, or community play, fiesta, or program, or entertain your tribe with music, story, or dance on at least five occasions. Build a complete model Council Ring at least 18 inches in diameter. Be a member in good standing of some study group, other than school, such as religious instruction, nature study, dancing class, music class, art or drama class, gym class or any club devoted to the foregoing subjects. Learn and demonstrate at least twenty-five signs of the Indian sign language. Make a beaded belt or headband. Read five of Ernest Thompson Seton's short stories and write an account of two of them. Demonstrate at least four Indian dances. Make a sand painting at least sixteen square feet of real sand using at least three natural colored materials with at least four different designs. Know how to fish, how to bait a hook, scale and clean fish.