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29 Know the Second Chiefs Salutation to the Laws and Closing Ceremonies..... S-53 Know and demonstrate the correct lighting and destroy- ing of the Council Fire..... S-54 For a period of at least three months, properly care for any animal which might be classed as a pet. Such care to include feeding, watering, care of quarters, or any other personal attention needed..... S-55 Learn and recite the Big Lodge form of the Wooderaft Rangers Laws..... S-56 Write a composition on the history of the Woodcraft Rangers and read same to the Tribe..... S-57 Correspond with a foreign pen pal and read his or her letters to the Tribe..... S-58 Make a ray doll or other toy and give to a small child aaa S-59 TRIBAL COOPERATION Show a record for perfect attendance at the regular meet- ing of your Tribe for six months..... S-60 Enlist a new member and teach him the Laws. This is not to be counted until new member has perfect attendance for at least two months and can recite the Laws..... S-61 Make and decorate an acceptable totem for tribe or clan 22. 5-62 Participate in a tribal service project such as cleaning a vacant lot, tree planting, beautifying a public place, enter- taining patients of a hospital or old folks” home..... $-63 1 rase white Heren Man on gowxtam wbite" Bvffale. Whitę I, (9) > cepa "agpishet