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Identify 7 species of turtle found in field, for coup. 15 in field, museum or aquarium, for grand coup. II Catch and identify 8 species of fish, and give an account of where and how each was caught. Know the main pro- visions of the game laws of your State, concerning fish, for coup. As above, with 16 species of fish, for grand coup. III-II Identify 25 species of fish seen alive or in the market, for coup. 40 for grand coup. II Go in a canoe, rowboat or sail boat, on stream, pond, or sea, and collect, mount and identify, or make accurate drawings to scale, 25 specimens of aquatic life, either ani- mal or vegetable for coup. 50 specimens, mounted, identi- fied or drawn as above, part to be animal and part vege- table, for grand coup. I-II Find in the field and identify 25 salt water shells for coup. 40 for grand coup. II Identify 10 other sea animals observed alive and give an account of 2 of them, for coup. 20 for lgrand coup. Lists must not contain any animals for whic credit has been received elsewhere. 111 Make and maintain successfully for 8 weeks a salt or fresh water aquarium containing not less than 3 gallons of water and not less than 5 forms of animal life. Keep a care- ful record of how the aquarium was cared for and of the habits of the animals, for coup. l year’s success for grand coup. III Mount in dust-proof cases, 25 salt water shells, properly labelled with technical name and common name of the field in which it is found, for coup. 40 for grand coup. II


Be able to explain the scales used in measuring tem- peratures by both centigrade and farenheit thermometers, for a coup. Make a record by using either for a period of a year compiling daily readings and obtaining a yearly av- erage, for a grand coup. 111 Be able to explain the principle of the barometer and its use and significance in weather forecasting, for a coup. As in 1 above, for grand coup. III Identify four major types of clouds, and explain their significance, for a coup. III 89