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Tato stránka nebyla zkontrolována

Identify 50 insects other than those included in the above coups, for coup. 100 for grand coup. III Collect and mount for comparison the cocoons of 4 well- known species of moth, and give life cycle, for coup. Also same for caterpillar and moth of each, for grand coup. III Take full charge of a swarm of bees for 2 months, and record habits of bees observed, amount of honey made, con- dition of swarm at close of period, for coup. 6 months for grand coup. III Trail (not casually discover) a colony of honeybees to a bee tree, for coup. Transfer the bees to a modern hive acceptable to the bees, for grand coup. III


Identify 25 wild or domesticated mammals which have been observed in the field, for coup. 45 for grand coup. II Identify 50 mammals observed in museum or zoo, for coup. 100 for grand coup. II Identify 25 fur-bearing animals used commercially, ob- served in the field, museum, or fur market, for coup. 40 for grand coup. II Know the following items about 10 of our wild animals, for coup. 25 for grand coup: General color, average size and weight, range, haunts, den, food, enemies, voice, mating habits, character and number of young, home life of the animal, and its use to man. 111 Identify from living plants 18 ferns, for coup. 35 for grand coup. II


Make a careful record from observation of the develo - ment of an amphibian from an egg to adult, for coup. A d careful observations upon the habits of the adult, for grand coup. III Identify when seen alive 10 species of amphibian, for coup; 15 for grand coup. II Identify 8 crustaceans observed alive in nature, for coup. 12 for grand coup, with a description of the habits and economic importance of 2 of them. 111 88