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Following each exploit listed in the following pages will be found a Roman numeral or numerals, which will indicate the Lamp or Lamps under which the said exploit may be claimed. These are I for the Lamp of Beauty, II for the Lamp of Truth, III for the Lamp of Fortitude, and IV for the Lamp of Service. It may readily be seen that a coup for some of the handicrafts, for example, may either be claimed under the Lamp of Truth or under the Lamp of Service.

The coups listed are not to be considered as final. That is, comparable exploits may be submitted to National Headquarters for approval.

The Woodcraft Way embraces the idea and philosophy that self-expression is the true way of growth; that it is better to make and to do than to buy. He who shapes and fashions those things the Great Spirit has placed at his disposal, thereby shapes, to some extent, his own destiny.

We are all creators to some extent, and the development of skills and the results thereof, the perception of ideas of merit, or the conception of such, is the measure of our worth.