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6. Enter the Arctic or Antarctic circles.

7. Cross the equator.

8. Take exact latitude and longitude with instruments.

9. Take latitude within two degrees of error, with homemade instruments.

10. Make a compass survey of 100 miles of country.

11. Travel at least 100,000 miles by rail or steamship or other means.

12. Travel 500 miles on foot, by bicycle, by canoe, or in saddle, camping out.

13. Know 200 signs of the Sign Language.

14. Make one’s self comfortable in the woods over night without tent or bedding.

15. Swim 100 yards.

16. Sleep out thirty nights.



The Degree of White Man's Woodcraft may be conferred on any one who takes nine of the following tests:

1. Take, develop, and print photographs of twelve separate subjects, three interiors, three portraits, three landscapes, and three instantaneous “action photos”.

2. Make a recognizable photograph of any wild bird while on its nest.

3. Make a recognizable photograph of a wild animal in its native haunts.

4. Make a recognizable photograph of a fish in the water.

5. Map correctly from the country itself the main features of half a mile of road, with 440 yards each side, to a scale of two feet to the mile, and afterward draw same map from memory.

6. Measure the height of a tree, telegraph pole, and church steeple without climbing.

7. Measure width of a river without crossing.

8. Estimate distance apart of two objects a known distance away and without approaching, within an average of 10 per cent of error in ten different trials.

9. Measure a gradient.

10. Gauge accurately the speed of a stream.

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