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11. Tell the number of gallons of water going over a fall or down a stream.

12. Gauge the horsepower of a given fall.

13. Teach the last seven to someone else.



The Degree of Village Scout may be conferred on any one who takes fourteen of these tests:

1. Know how to turn in an alarm for fire.

2. Know how to enter burning buildings.

3. Know how to prevent the spread of fire.

4. Understand the use of hose: unrolling, joining up, connecting two hydrants, use of nozzles, etc.

5. Understand the use of escapes, ladders, and chutes.

6. Know how to improvise ropes and nets.

7. Know what to do in case of panic.

8. Understand the fireman’s lift and drag.

9. Know how to work in fumes.

10. Understand the use of fire-extinguishers.

11. Know how to rescue animals from fire.

12. Know how to prevent a running fire on the ground.

13. Know how to organize a bucket brigade.

14. Describe and give history of the seal of your State.

15. Know how to ride a wheel.

16. Repair a puncture.

17. Walk four miles in one hour.

18. Know the signs:

Meaning respectively:

Official mark, fire-plug 8 feet out, please remove dust, add, subtract, divide, multiply, equals, parallel, plumb, circle, more than, less than, triangle, right-angle, square, because, therefore, this direction, male, female, young.