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… fire wood of approved lengths, for coup. Six such trees, and cut up into fire wood, for grand coup.

E — Backwoods Handicraft

1. *Do one of the following for coup; 2 for grand coup:
(a) Make solid “four-poster” for a willow bed, and make a stout bench from split logs, with driven legs (no nails).
(b) Build a useful foot bridge, by felling a tree whose log shall span a stream or chasm at least 25 feet between the two natural abutments on which the log rests. (The stump may form one abutment, provided the foot bridge may be made readily accessible by means of a dirt fill, stone approach or gangplank of natural material.)
(c) From a log, hew a plank (not a slab), not more than 3 inches thick in any part, and not less than 10 feet long.
(d) Split from a log, ready for use, 200 shingles. The use of a saw and plane not permitted for either this or the preceding. An augur may be used,
(e) Make an old-fashioned lanthorn with horn sides.
(f) Make a set of wooden hinges and a latch, and fit these to a door so that it hangs true and latches well.

F — Basketry, Etc.

1. (a) Make two baskets of different designs and shapes (each large enough to hold 2 quarts) of rope, raffia, grass, rattan, splits, pine needles, or willow.
(b) Weave a hat of straw or corn husks. Either for coup; both for grand coup.
2. (a) Make a broom from broom corn, raised and prepared by self.
(b) Make a “Boonder broom” (scouring brush) in floor-scrubbing size, with a one-piece handle, total length of handle and broom, 4 feet. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

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* Repeater if entirely new material is offered.