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…whittling knife, under adult guidance; or understand and demonstrate use of hammer and saw (such as putting a shelf in a wooden box).
  1. Enlist a new member in one of the Lodges.
  2. Help daily for one week in home duty for the joy of unbargaining service.

When these tests have been satisfactorily passed the member is called out in Coimcil, the Guide in charge tells of it in as much detail as is needed. Then taking a pair of scissors or a knife, announces:

"Now, therefore, acting for the Council I clip from this member's badge, the first emblem of inexperience, the tassel of green, and consign it to the flames."

Then shaking hands with the candidate says:

"I now declare complete your installation as a Pathfinder."


To win the rank of Minisino (meaning "A Boy Tried and Proven") the following tests must be taken.

  1. Make a rubbing stick fire.
  2. Sleep out three nights, also cook a meal, with no utensils but a hatchet and what one can make with it, or cook three digestible meals by camp fire for not less than three persons.
  3. Know the essentials of camping, including: where to camp, how to put up a tent and prepare for rain, where and how to erect a latrine. (See Camping, Section III.)
  4. Know how to make of wildwood materials either a comfortable rainproof shelter suitable for overnight or know how to make a dry, comfortable camp bed.
  5. Make a comfortable bed or a serviceable mat of rushes, grass or wood fibre. If wildwood material is not obtainable, straw, hay or com husks may be used.
  6. Single paddle a canoe (if one can swim), or row a boat one-half mile in fifteen minutes.
  7. Take an eight mile hike, most of which is in the country, and write a satisfactory account of it.
  8. Know twenty-five birds — ten of them from observation in street, field or woods.
  9. Know ten native quadrupeds.
  10. Know elements of life-saving — breaking grips, getting body to shore, resuscitation; and ready help for cuts, poisoning, fainting, dislocation, and sprains as found on page 142.