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To qualify for a Big Lodge — that is, to enter as a Wayseeker — one must:

Be over twelve years of age.

Know the twelve laws and state the advantages of them.[1]

Take one of the initiations.

Be voted in unanimously by other members of the group.[2]

Having passed this, the candidate becomes a Wayseeker and receives the Big Lodge Badge of the lowest rank, that is, with two green tassels on it.

The next higher rank is that of Pathfinder.


To win the rank of Pathfinder, the Wayseeker must know the "Star-Spangled Banner" or in Canada "The Maple Leaf" and take the following fifteen tests:

  1. Have one month's honorable service without a stain on record in Big Lodge as Wayseeker.
  2. Walk five miles in two hours and write a satisfactory account of it.
  3. Swim twenty five yards.
  4. Know the Pole Star, the Two Dippers, and at least three of the other constellations.
  5. Know ten forest trees, leaf and trunk.
  6. Know ten wild flowers by observation.
  7. Know five edible wild plants or transplant successfully four kinds of trees, flowers or plants.
  8. Know fifty signs of the sign language.
  9. Know ten totems as found in the city.
  10. Tie five of the following standard knots and know their uses; double bow, running noose, square, whip a rope's end, timber hitch, bowline, hard loop, clove hitch, eye splice.
  11. Make a bird box or restaurant, according to specifications of the Audubon Society. See that it is properly placed.
  12. Prepare of wildwood materials only, and fight three successive camp fires with three matches; or supply sufficient and proper firewood for cooking six meals.
  13. Understand and demonstrate the use of hatchet and..text continues

  1. U vydání z r. 1918 zní tento odstavec takto (změna zvýrazněna): Know the Four Watchwords and the Twelve Laws and state the advantages of them.
  2. U vydání z r. 1918 odstavec pokračuje: It has been found very essential to have the applicant fill out an application blank which may be obtained at Headquarters. See cut page 39. – na této stránce jsou pak ukázky vyplněných dekretů.