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Games. (These may be individual such as hand wrestling, chicken fighting; or group games, such as "stung," etc. They may also include sudi things as movies, etc.)

Songs, dances, stories.

Close the Council with the Omaha Tribal Prayer as all stand about the fire with hands and faces upraised.

The Chief then announces, "Our Council is ended."


In the Council no one may cross or remain within the open space, except the Chief presiding, the members speaking or performing, and the Keeper of the Fire when attending to his duties. Nevertheless the Fire Keeper must not tend the fire at a time when it will interfere with any performance or distract attention at an important moment.

For assent or approval, we say "How"; for "No" we say "Wah"; the Chief at the "Council Rock" is addressed "O Chief," and speaks not from the chair, but from the "Council Rock." Any one wishing to speak, arises, salutes, giving the Woodcraft sign as given on page 24, says, "O Chief" and waits until the Chief recognizes him by name or gesture, thus giving the sole right of speech for the time.

It is not proper to whisper in Council, nor to laugh when a serious matter is being presented, nor look around much, nor heed not the speaker, nor should one make noise or tap with one's feet or hands, or with a stick, or chew or eat or lounge about, or lie down, nor turn to look when some one arrives late, but in all ways act as though each speaker were great and important, however much he may be otherwise. For this is good manners.

The order of ceremony for Grand Council is found on page 25.


For indoor coimcils it is often desirable to have an "indoor council fire" which is made by connecting one or more electric bulbs, covering the lights with orange crepe paper and then building around it a "log cabin fire." Of course, nothing burns but the light but the effect is very striking and the expense is slight.