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~v~‘— ‘ ‘— "i'i‘gfi Things to Know and Do 241 or three of the poles inside the teepee, in front of the opening made and reaching to the ground. The draught will go up behind this. . By these tricks you can make the vent draw the smoke. But after all the main thing is to use only the best and driest of wood. This makes a clear fire. There will always be more or less smoke 7 or 8 feet up, but it worries no one there and keeps the mosquitoes away. Archery The tribe should own a Standard Target—that is, 4 feet across, circular, made of straw, with a thin oilcloth cover, marked with a 9.6 inch centre of gold (called by some of our tribes “The Buflalo’s Eye”); outside of that a 4.8 inch band of red, next a similar band of blue, next of black, next of white. Some- times black rings of the right size are made to answer. In scoring, the gold is 9, the red 7, the blue 5, the black 3, the white I. The shortest match range for the target is 40 yards. If it is a 3-foot target the match range is reduced to 30 yards. A target can be made of a burlap sack about five feet square. This should be stuffed full of hay or straw, then flattened by a few quilting stitches put right through with a long packing needle. On this the target is painted of exact right size. Each boy should have a bow that pulls from 10 pounds up; about one pound for each year of his age is' a safe guide for boys up to sixteen. He should have at least 6 arrows and a quiver. The arrows 25 inches long, with 3 feathers, cone-points of steel or iron; brass points are useless. A guard or bracer for the left wrist is needed, and most boys require a glove to protect the fingers of the right hand. Bows can be bought for $1 to $5 and arrows from 15 cents to $3 each. But it is more creditable if you make them yourself. . How to Make a Bow Take a straight, sound piece of cedar, bodark, yew, sassafras, mulberry, apple tree, black locust, ironwood, ash, elm, hickory, or hemlock. Cut it so that it is half sap and half heartwood, flat on the sa wood side (or front) and round on the heartwood side (or back . It should be about an inch thick in the middle and tapered off to 3} inch at each end. Cut two notches and put on a strong linen cord, either a bought bow-string or one