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240 Woodth Manual for Boys cover with it: opposite where the door is to be. Carry the two wings of the tent around till they overlap and fasten to- gether with the lacing-pins. Put the end of a vent-pole in each of the vent flap pockets or else through the holes there, outside of the teepee. Peg down the edges of the canvas at each loop. Stretch the cover by spreading the poles. Hang the door on a convenient lacing-pin. Drive a stout stake inside the teepee, tie the anchor rope to this and the teepee an." 3;: 4.41m we" V's tuna”? ‘fufméi t0 '* b} WNW!“ ‘Li-La' 's'.e a; W4 m r2114” M W. 5:1 P4“ is ready for weather. In the centre dig a hole 18 inches wide. and 6 inches deep for the fire. . The fire is the great advantage of the teepee, experience will show how to manage the smoke. Keep the smoke-vent swung down wind, or at least quartering down. Sometimes you must leave the door a little open or raise the bottom of the teepee cover a little on the windward side. If this makes too much ' draught on your back, stretch a piece of canvas between two 1- J.- 1..)’k.}40»4.43_-.‘ .4. —- 1‘ A; A (m. ¥ .«  L. 41 .— h.-.