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Things to Know and Do 183 Camp Kitchen On the prairies and plains, since bufialo chips are no more, we use horse and cow chips, kindled with dry grass and roots of sage-brush, etc. To keep a fire alive all night, bank the coals: i.e., bury them in ashes. . Always put out the fire on leaving camp. I l is a crime to leave a burning fire. Use buckets of water if need be. Camp Cookery l cm'Sfee Horace Kephart’s “Book of Camping and Wood- t." In most camps the staples are: cocoa, cofiee (or tea), bacon, game, fish, and hardtack, ban- , nocks or biscuit. To make these take I pint flour, I teaspoonful of baking-powder, Half as much salt, Twice as much grease or lard, With water enough to make into paste, say one half a pint. When worked into smooth dough, shape it into wafers half an inch thick and three inches across. Set in a greased tin, which is tilted up near a. steady fire. Watch and turn the tin till all are browned evenly.