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182 Woodcraft Manual for Boys If on have no birch bark, it is a good plan to shave a dry soft- wood” stick, leaving all the shavings sticking on the end in a fuzz, like a Hopi prayer stick. Several of these make a sure fire kindler. Fine splinters may be made quickly by hammering a small stick with the back of the axe. In the case of a small party and hasty camp, you need nothing

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.: Jollli mum i but a pot hanger of green wood for a complete kitchen, and many hundreds of times, on prairie and in forest, I found this sufficient. A more complete camp grate is made of four green logs (aspen preferred) placed as in the illustration. Set the top , logs 3 inches apart at one end, 10 inches at the other. The top logs should be flattened in the middle. of their top sides—to hold the pot, which sits on the. open- ing between the top ogs. The fire of course is built Gm“ I“ Gnu on the ground, under the logs. Sometimes stones of right size and shape are used instead of the logs, but the stones do not contribute anything to the heat and are less manageable. . In addition to this log grate, more elaborate camps have a kitchen equipped with a hanger as on next page, on which are pot hooks of green wood. - In wet weather an axernan can always get dry wood by cutting into a standing dead tree, or on the under side of down timber that is not entirely on the ground.