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‘T vv' ’ c" Things to Know and Do 179 absolutely unsociable. A bonfire will spoil the best camp-circle ever got together. It should be forbidden everywhere. Totem Pole Directly opposite the Chief’s throne, on the outer edge of the circle, should be the Totem Pole. This is always set up as soon as possible in all permanent camps. Its purpose is, rst, to typify the movement; 2d, to display the Totems of the Tribe, 3rd, to serve as a. place of notice. Any document posted on the Totem Pole is considered published. ‘ a. Totem Pole of the Becket Tribe (1 5 feet high) b. of Flying Eagles 5 and d. from Niblack’s West Coast Indians, Eagles and Bears Beds Of all things, the camper’s bed is the thing most often made wrong, and most easily made right, when one knows how; and of all things comfort at night is most essential. Every dealer in camp outfits can produce an array of difierent camp beds, cots, and sleeping bags, that shows how important it is to be dry and warm when you sleep. The simplest plan is the oldest one—two pair of blankets and A—