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180 Woodcraft Manual for Boys waterproof undersheet on a neatly laid bed of evergreen boughs, dry leaves, or dry grass. The ideal way of laying the boughs is shown in the figure below. When I can’t get grub of the Broadway sort, I ’11 fatten on camper’s fare, I ’U tramp all day and at night resort To a bad boughed down with care. 4,“. smu But there are few places now in eastern America where you are allowed to cut boughs freely. In any case you cannot take the bough bed with you when you move, and it takes too much time to make at each camp. Sleeping bags I gave up long ago. They are too diflicult to air, or to adjust to difierent temperatures. Rubber beds are luxurious, but heavy for a pack outfit, and in cold weather they need thick blankets over them, other- wise they are too cool. So the one ideal bed for the camper, light, comfortable, and of wildwood stufi, is the Indian or willow bed, described on p. 2 32. Water, or the Indian Well If there is a swamp or pond, but no pure water at hand, you can dig an Indian well in half an hour. This is simply a hole about 18 inches across and down about 6 inches below water- level, a few paces from the pond. Bail it out quickly; let it fill again, bail it a second time, and the third time it fills, it will be full of filtered water, clear of everything except matter actually dissolved. It is now well known that ordinary vegetable matter does not cause disease. All contamination is from animal refuse or excreta, therefore a well of this kind in a truly wild region is as safe as a spring.