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THE WOODCRAFT LEAGUE Our purpose is to leaxn the outdoor life for its worth in the building up of our bodies and the helping and strengthening of our souls; that we may go forth with the seeing eye, and the "thinking hand" to learn the pleasant ways of the woods and of life, that we be made in all wise masters of ourselves; facing life without flinching, ready to take our part among our fellows in all the problems which arise, rejoicing when some trial comes that the Great Spirit finds us the rulers of strong souls in their worthy tabernacles. The Woodcraft League believes that its message comes to the people of America, yoimg and old, rich and poor. The work of the League is divided as follows: The Big Lodge of the Woodcraft Boys, from twelve to eigh- teen, for which group this Woodcraft Manual is the official handbook. The Big Lodge of the Woodcraft League for Girls from twelve to eighteen. (Manual now ready.) The Little Lodge for children under twelve. (Manual to be published later.) The Woodcraft Club for men and women over eighteen. The Sim Lodge for men and women, twenty-one and over, interested in specializing in Woodcraft. Each of these section^ has its own printed matter and badge. The details of the work vary according to the needs of the group. All are members of the Woodcraft League and wear the badge of the League, a white shield with blue horns. The Headquarters are at 13 West 29th Street, New York City. XV