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Things to Know. and Do 175 

Fourth, Cook’s Assistant. When there is sufficient work the assistant may get ice, or do other similar work. . Fifth, Cook’s Wood. Cut sufficient supply of wood for the cook’s use. Sixth, Council Fire Wood. Have the wood cut and laid for the Council Fire with suflicient supply for the evening. Must keep the Council Fire bright, not big, but never dull. These appointments in the case of larger wmps will be given to a band or tent group. The main thing is to see that each boy or each tent group is definitely assigned to a duty and that the work is well done. Camp Oflicers _ If the band has not already elected a Tally Keeper it may do so with the approval of the Guide, making sure that the Tally Keeper is representative of the camp and one who will keep a record every day, all being written in the Tally Book. Camp Program There should be a regular routine so that everybody may know' when things happen. The following is given as a good one; it may be changed to meet the needs of the camp: 6:30 A. M. Turn out, bathe, etc. 7:00 Breakfast. 8:00 Air bedding in sun, if possible. roboo Woodcraft games and practice. r r zoo Swimming. 1 2:00 M. Dinner. 1:00 P. M. Talk by leader. 2:00 Games, etc. 5:00 Swimming. 6:00 Supper. 7:00 Evening Council. 9:15 Lights out. Sometimes High Council for a few minutes in- stead of in the morning. Whether the camp is large or small, the boys should learn to respond promptly. Those who fail to do so should be made to realize the consequence of their carelessness. Group Work When the camp has several bands it is wise to work out the rules of the camp and its activities, so as to lay emphasis on the