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176 Woodcraft Manual for Boys band or tent group. The group should gain or sufier according to the good work or bad work of its members. Some camps give points for good and had work and the band or tent group is credited with the work of their members. This same idea should be carried out in competitions for the whole mp, so that the band which does the best work during the season would be given recognition of some sort. ' Rules Each camp will make rules when necessary, but the follow— ing will be found good in every camp: No firearms. No swimming, except at regularly appointed times and laces. p No campers should leave camp without permission. Loose straw, cans, papers, bottles, glass, or filth of any kind lying around are criminal disorder. Each group is responsible for order as far as the half line be- tween them and the next group. Inspections The Guides of the various bands or the one appointed in the smaller group should inspect at least once a day. The oficer appointed to inspect goes from tent to tent. Each Band is allowed fifty points for normal, then docked one to ten points for each scrap of paper, cans, or rubbish left lying about; also for each disorderly feature or neglect of the rules of common sense, decency, or hygiene, on their territory; that is, up to half- way between them and the next group. They may get addi- tional points for unusually fine work; but it is always as a Band . c7 .,. that they receive the points, though it was . f ‘ ‘ the individual that worked for them. ' The Horns of the High Hikers ._' ..~ After the inspection, the Chief announces ' ' 4 the winning Band saying: “The Horns of the V, > , u ' . High Hikers were won to-day by . . . ‘ l n (1,, L14 Band.” And the horns are accordingly hung on their standard, pole, or other place, for the day. At the end of the camp, the Band that won them oftenest carries them home for their own; and ever afterward are allowed l‘4 __n‘._ .44 _/.n J' _ LA; mi. 4: