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160 Woodcraft Manual for Boys Weather Signals (Adopted for general use by the United States Signal Sérvice on and after March 1, 1887.) ‘i y. No. I ~ No. ’No. 5.. ‘ White Flag Blue Flu Black Triangular BWhite Elia; White and Blue lP-i Clear or Fair Rain or Snow Temperature Cold Wave Local Rain or Snow No. 1, white flag, clear or fair weather, no rain. No. 2, blue flag, rain or snow. _ No. 3, black triangular flag, refers to temperature, and above Nos. 1 or 2 indicates warmer weather; below No. I or 2, colder weather, and when not displayed, station- ary Weather. No. 4, white flag with black centre (cold wave flag), sudden fall in temperature; this signal is usually ordered at least twenty-four hours in advance of the cold wave. It is not displayed unless a temperature of forty-five de- grees or less is expected, nor is flag No. 3 ever dis- played with it. No. 5, means local rain or snow; with 3 above it means with higher temperature; and with 3 below it means lower temperature. ' A~ red flag with a black centre indicates that a storm of marked violence is expected. Display Examples ' . r 11.; s ' Warmer. my Cold Wave. rm Mel/egathu-h nge‘io' Weather. followed by Weather ., Rain or Snow _4_L ___J1_ 4&4;.-L_{2__ _ -Il ‘1‘.-.wa .J—A— .fia— _ ‘ AAA.