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r46 Woodcraft Manual for Boys done—heis conscious that the greatest need of his time is that of strong men and women who will want the best and see that it is obtained. This is patriotism and citizenship—that you know your home- land as well as you can, that you love it so well that you give to it your best, that your homeland may be a place of right thinking and right living to all, rich and poor, young and old, strong and weak. Books Recommended- Speeches, Poems, and Recitation: Anson DAY, Robt. Haven Schaufller. Moflat, Yard & Co. $2.00 Crnrsms, Robt. Haven Schaufiler. Mofi'at, Yard & Co. Snoo FLAG DAY, Robt. Haven Schaulfiier. Mofiat, Yard & Co. Sroo INDEPENDENCE DAY, Robt. Haven Schaufller. Mofl‘at, Yard & Co. 8r.oo Lmoom’s Brnrnmv, Robt. Haven Schaufiler. Moflat, Yard & Co. $1.00 MEuonrAL DAY, Robt. Haven Schaumer. Moflat, Yard 8: Co. 81.00 _ _.g It is a good rule in hiking to set out with the idea of keeping the party together, having a pleasant time, and seeing interesting things, rather than of showing how hardy you are. It 15 as bad as trying to show how smart you are. Do not try to make a record. Record breakers generally come to grief in the end. ' Take a few boys, not more than a dozen, and set out determined to be moderate. Plan a moderate trip of which not more than half the time must be consumed in going and coming. For example, if it is Saturday afternoon and you must be home by six o’clock, having thus four hours, divide the time into two hours’ travel, going and coming, and two hours’ exploration or sight-seeing. Three miles is a moderate walk for one hour, so that should be the limit of distance that ordinarily you tramp from your starting'point. At five o’clock all hands should be ready to face homeward. In a large city it may be that the hike will be taken to a park, to a museum, or to a place or point of historical interest. In this connection it might be well for some member of the tribe to make a list of the interesting historical places, of the museums of vari- ous kinds, of interesting buildings, including any manufacturing plants; and have this list ready when it is decided to take a hike. The following are some of the rules which have been found good in hiking: Do not go in new shoes. .(Y;